Getting Beyond Our Intellect: Faith Seeking Understandin

    It seems to me, we often desire faith to conform to our understanding. Once we understand a thing we then know about it and therefore may decide to put our trust in it if we. This poses an immense problem for any who seek God. God, in the fullness of divine being, has not and cannot be fully understood. We can come to know God’s self-revelation, the Word or Wisdom of God, but still, even what is revealed to us is hard – perhaps impossible! – to understand.

On these grounds, if understanding is the prerequisite for faith, we will never have faith, at least not in its fullness. We are limited by our knowledge and understanding. What’s more, those with more innate ability to know and to understand would become the aristocracy among God’s followers!

Blessed is God who makes a way for us all and cherishes us equally regardless of our minds faculties. God has made it so that Faith does not require knowledge nor understanding for its existence. It is possible for us to simply believe that there is a God without knowing who God is nor understanding God’s desires and will. It is knowledge and understanding that trail behind our faith giving sense to what we have already encountered.

Therefore, if we would find the fullness of God, first seek God in faith. Afterwards allow your knowledge and understanding to be the servants of faith. Great is God and greater are God’s children than our own minds can know.